Season fees 2022-23

Training fees for autumn season 2022 – spring season 2023

Fees are for fall season, spring season bills will be sent during Nov-Dec. 

Recreation season is 16 weeks unless otherwise mentioned. In addition to the training fee, each gymnast must pay a club membership fee of EUR 25. 

The price in the registration system is decisive, even if the price on the list differs.


Guided Family Gymnastics (for families; 1-6 years)  season fee 
includes adults and one child. Siblings need to be registered and enrolled. Their season fee is 0€ and need to pay a membership fee each. Siblings need to be enrolled into the PerheGym group. The bill will be corrected by our office. 


See season fees in table below. Replacement trainings are included in season fee. Extra fees may apply for non-regular training sessions.


Adult independent training in Tuulimäki is included in the season fee.
Also included during season 2022-23 free of charge Circuit training and Body conditioning (limited number of places, enrollment obligatory for each session). 


For the second, third and fourth hobby groups for which a gymnast is enrolled , they will receive a discount as follows: 

  • The discount is given for a full registration (fall or spring)
  • A discount is granted by request for groups that have been paid.
  • The discount will be paid to the account informed by gymnast to club office
  • Discount applications will be accepted starting from October 15, 2022. In the spring season from 14.3. onwards. The discount for spring season groups will be paid during April 2023.
  • An application for discount is sent to: toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi. Include: the gymnast’s name, groups, guardian’s name, account number and home address. 

Independent training for adults in Tuulimäki (autumn season 16.8-30.12.22) (spring season 2.1.-31.5.23) Non-adult group member 100.00 €. The adult training fee can be paid with ePass or Smartum vouchers. 


The invoice will be sent by email when registering. Invoices are also displayed in the membership register of the gymnast. The invoice must be paid by the due date. A reminder invoice will be sent by email with additional charge of 5€. Unpaid training and other fees will be sent to a collection agency for collection. Please send an application to toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi in case You wish to change the due date. 

The training fee will be charged in full for anyone starting in the autumn season by October 2nd, and in the spring season by March 14th, 2023. Members starting after these dates will pay half of the training fee. It is not possible to choose half season for the first half of the season. The training fee will be refunded if the registration is cancelled 48 hours before the third training session (minus the trial and booking fee). 

A membership fee EUR 25 will be charged from all gymnasts during the membership period. The membership fee is the same even if the gymnast only participates in the autumn or spring season. 

A trial and reservation fee of € 20 (includes 1-2 trials) will be charged from all registrants.  The season fee includes this share. The trial and reservation fee will be refunded when the gymnast / patron cancels their registration through the Membership Register at least 24h before the first training session. The trial and reservation fee will also be charged if there has been a ’no-show’. 

To change a group, see the section change group mid-season. 


See the seasonal bulletin for more details. 

The gymnast will have the opportunity to cancel their spot in the group 48 hours before the third training session, in which case we will refund the training fee and charge a reservation fee of EUR 20. 

When a gymnast receives a spot in a group he or she can take part in the next two training sessions of the group. We charge a trial fee of 20 euro. The fee is the same even when the group is only trialled once. 

Charges start from the moment the gymnast received a spot in a group, that is, for the first training session of the week. 

After the trial, the gymnast should cancel the seat 48 hours before the third training session if they do not wish to continue. Half season fee is charged in case cancellation is done after the third but latest 48 hours before the sixth training session. After the sixth training session, the gymnast is committed to paying the full season training fee. 

The cancellation of a spot must be made in the member register (myClub) by removing the gymnast from the group. Simply notifying the instructor or sending an email is not enough to cancel a spot. 


It is possible to change groups in the middle of the season if the gymnast receives a spot from a backup list or if there is room in a desired group. 

The gymnast must, upon receiving a spot, immediately withdraw from the membership information a group to which they no longer wish to participate. As there will be an invoice formed for receiving the new spot, the gymnast should contact the office (at) espoontelinetaiturit.fi immediately for an invoicing correction. 

If the group is not cancelled according to the rules, we will charge you 15 euros per training session for overlapping groups until the gymnast cancels their group membership information. 


An invoice will be sent by email when registering. It is possible to pay the invoice by Paytrail payment upon registration. Invoices are also displayed in the membership register of the gymnast, from where they can be printed. A reminder invoice will be sent by email. All outstanding invoices will be submitted to a debt collection office for processing. A reminder fee of EUR 5 will be added to reminder invoices sent by post. 

If an enrollment is cancelled, an email with the subject line ’return / child’s name’ should be sent to toimisto(at)espoontelinetaiturit.fi. for a refund. The message will include the account number and the group from which the place will be cancelled.  After the third training session, no fee will be refunded for those who finish during the training period. 

If the number of participants in the group is less than half the size of the group, the group may be cancelled and the fee refunded. The club will contact the group’s gymnasts via email if this happens. 

All invoices and their details are displayed in the gymnast’s information in the Member Information on the Invoices tab.