Women’s artistic gymnastics

Women’s gymnastics is a spectacular and challenging sport where the participant’s objective is to perform demanding and versatile sets of movements with as many apparatus as possible. Internationally, women’s gymnastics is highly respected and is an official sport of the FIG International Gymnastics Federation and is competed all the way up to Olympic level.

In women’s artistic gymnastics, four different apparatus are used, which are vault, floor exercise, uneven bars and balance beam. In women’s artistic gymnastics, the competition series is judged on its difficulty and performance.

Vaults are performed with a springboard and a jump rack. The judges will award points to the dynamics of the vaults, the height and length of the flight phase of the vault, and the timeliness and accuracy of turns, body positions and vaults during the various stages of the jump. The purpose of the parallel bars is to make the most versatile and original series possible, with a variety of grip and handle changes, high flying movements, turns, folds, swinging movements and working above and below the bars. The series should continue uninterrupted, with a good rhythm and then end with a spectacular dismount.
The boom is used to perform various acrobatic and gymnastic movements, as well as combinations thereof, such as vaults, balance movements, jumps and pirouettes. The gymnast is supposed to tie the movements into a single artistic and smooth series. Original compositions and agility are considered to be an advantage. The permanto floor series is performed to music and includes a series of acrobatic vaults combined with dance movements, gymnastic jumps and pirouettes. Agility, originality, aesthetics and artistry are considered to be an asset.

At EsTT, we find it important that all girls have the opportunity to compete on their own merit and ability. The clear objectives of the competitive groups is to develop the gymnasts to the national level and also the international level. In competitive groups, girls compete regularly. In addition to the club’s own competitions, challenges are also found in numerous national and international competitions. The competitive girls are divided into training groups based on their age, level and training enthusiasm.


Each competitor must have a valid license and comprehensive insurance coverage when competing. The competitor is responsible for their own insurance cover for training, travel and competitions. The insurance can be obtained with a license from the Finnish Gymnastics Association. A gymnast who is not yet competing but is training in a competitive group can either obtain a license (11€) with insurance or ensure that their insurance covers competitive training. Link to the Finnish Gymnastics Federation page. Payment for the license (and the insurance attached to it, if desired) will be made through the Sport Register.


Competitive operation coordinator, Women’s artistic gymnastics:
Hanna Järvinen

Parents committee:
Pirita Vuorisalo

Outi Kivekäs (fund)