Training locations


Tuulimäki bomb shelter, rack hall
Itätuulentie 9
02100 Espoo

Parking in front of the fallout shelter or along Itätuulenkuja. More parking spaces in the parking hall of Ainoa shopping mall. With Ainoa and Taskuparkki apps you get 3 hours parking time. 


Mankkaa hall
Sinikalliontie 1
02630 Espoo


Vitikka hall 
Vitikka 4B
02630 Espoo

Parking at the field behind the loading docks (drive from their left side).
Entrance from B staircase.


Parkour-, Akrobatics- and artistic gymnastics hall
Niittyrinne 4
02270 Espoo

New hall opened in the autumn 2019.

In these premises it’s possible to arrange birthdays and athletes from other sports can practice there.