Special group Ponnari

Ponnari is a gymnastics group for children who require special guidance and mobility assistance. It is suitable for school children of all ages, both small and large. The Finnish Gymnastics Federation has developed a gymnastics program that has been adopted by Espoon Telinetaiturit since 1996. The aim of the group is to encourage children to participate in exercise, both independently and with other children. Skilled instructors take into account the individual needs and abilities of the child, so that the child learns physical skills in a way that suits him or her best.

In gymnastics, the child is instructed to learn about their own body control and motor skills through a variety of gymnastic apparatus and tricks. Ponnari aims at providing different forms of physical expression. The experiences of success and the joy of exercise for the child, as well as for the group, which also allows for each participant’s personality, are equally important.

There is currently one such group in Espoon Telinetaiturit, which meets on Sundays at the Suomenoja gym. The group has about six children. During the hour-long gymnastics session, participants warm-up by playing. This is followed by a variety of gymnastics exercises that enhance balance, coordination, mobility and strength training.

How can I register?

Inquiries and registrations to the sports coordinator by email lapset@espoontelinetaiturit.fi.

Who is the group suitable for?

Ideal for children with intellectual disabilities and motor impaired children. Speaking skills are not a barrier, but participants should be able to walk.

For what age?

We have had children and adolescents from 5 years up to 33 years.

How many instructors are there and what training do they have?

Depending on the size of the group, 1-2 instructors will be present and their training may vary: occupational therapy and physical therapy students, physical education instructors and special needs assistants. In addition, quite a few also have a background in gymnastics and training in coaching children provided by the club.

What do we do in the sessions?

The basic idea is to find an enjoyable hobby for everyone. Social interaction and a sense of belonging to a group are also important. For many, this has served as a SPRINGBOARD into other sports (football, floorball, athletics, judo, ice skating, etc.).

How long does one Ponnari session last?

The groups train for one hour, i.e. 60 minutes each week.