Seasonal Bulletin 2021-22

Autumn season 16.8. – 12.12.2020

Spring season 10.1. – 8.5.2022

After the regular training season has come to its conclusion, there are still Christmas show rehearsals and possible replacement sessions to be held during the autumn season. These will be communicated to the groups separately.

Autumn groups will continue into the spring season and registration will automatically cover the spring season, so no new registration is required at the beginning of 2022. If you do not wish to continue after the autumn season has ended, the spot held by the gymnast should be removed from the spring group. You can’t just leave the spring group by not turning up, but the spot has to be cancelled separately, see the instructions below.

By registering in a group, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please read them well before registering on the Member Information homepage. The homepage also explains how to carry out such things as changing groups or making cancellations.

Important dates during the operational year 16.8.2021 – 31.7.2022:

18.-24.10.2021        Fall semester, no training  

Sat 6.11.2021       All saints day, no training

Mon 29.11. Enrollment for spring season starts

Mon 6.12.2021      Independence day, no training 

Sun 12.12.2021    End of fall season  

13.-19.12.2021    Replacement training


10.1.2022           Start of Spring season 

21.-278.2.2021    Winter vacation, no training 

15.-18.4.2021    Easter, no training  

Sat 30.4.2022       First of May eve, no training

Sun 1.5.2022      First of May, no training

Mo 10.5.2022 Enrollment for fall season starts for current members

Mo 16.5.2022 Enrollment for fall season starts for new members

Sun 8.5.2022            End of season

9.5.-23.6.2022              Replacement training


A customer will receive an invoice to the email listed in myClub (Member registration system). The invoice can also be paid online via Paytrail online. Smartum or ePassi vouchers can be used for adult training payments. Membership fees or children’s training fees cannot be paid with such vouchers.

Training fees will be charged in full for anyone starting by 17.10.21. After that date, members joining in will be charged half of the training fee. The full payment due date for the spring season is March 15, 2022. After that date, members joining in will be charged half of the training fee.

Invoices are also displayed in the membership register of the gymnast, from where they can also be printed. A reminder invoice will be sent by email. Unpaid training fees are forwarded to a debt collection agency for recovery.

In addition to the training fee, a club membership fee of EUR 25 is charged from all gymnasts in the groups. It will be paid once between 1.8.2021-31.7.2022.


– 24 hours before the first training session, no registration fee will be charged.

– 24h before the third training session, try-out fee of EUR 20. Paid fee will be refunded (minus 20€)

– Before the sixth training session, half-season fee is charged

– In all other cases full season fee is charged

– No show: Will b treated as if gymnast participated

The cancellation of a spot must be made in the member register by removing the gymnast from the group of by sending an email to info@espoontelinetaiturit.fi. Simply notifying the instructor is not sufficient to cancel a spot!

If the number of participants in the group is less than half the size of the intended group, the group may be cancelled and the fee refunded.


Occasional absences are not compensated for and absences cannot be replaced by spots in another group. Any illness or injury that lasts more than 2 weeks will be dealt with separately, with the need to present a medical certificate. Days without lessons due to holidays or their eves are not compensated. Neither does the club compensate for the loss of hours when the training facility is down due to the use of another entity, such as the city or school. Individual absences need not be reported to the supervisor or to the office, unless specifically requested.

All participants in the club are insured by Pohjola Insurance Group accident insurance. In the event of an accident, please contact the club office. Learn more about the insurance.

As a rule, events are announced by e-mail and on the club’s website www.espoontelinetaiturit.fi. Parents should check and, if necessary, update their own contact details and that of their dependent children in the membership register. Please make sure that the guardian’s phone number and email address in the children’s information are in their own boxes, not just in additional details. Keeping information up-to-date guarantees the conditions for smooth communication throughout the season.