Rules of the game

Gymnasts’ rules of the game

1. I will attend training on time. The instructor will collect the gymnasts from the locker room and bring them back after one hour.

2. I will look after my equipment. I will leave jewellery, pendants, rings, watches, and other items that interfere with safe gymnastics at home. I will place my outdoor clothing in dressing rooms on coat racks or on benches neatly folded. There is also a locked valuables locker (security) available at Tuulimäki.

3. I will leave sweets, chewing gums and soft drinks at home: the best snacks for exercising are fruits and water to quench thirsts. Energy drinks are prohibited in changing rooms, corridors and halls. If I bring a bottle of water into the hall, I will leave it in the space reserved for it.

4. I will remember to behave politely in my training. I will encourage and be a friend with everyone. I also know the social media guidelines and I will not post pictures of others without their permission

5. I will listen and obey my instructor, so that the whole group can enjoy the training.

Parents rules of the game

1. I will encourage my child in their hobby. I am also interested in their development as a gymnast.

2. I will give the gymnasts peace to practice and instructors peace of mind. If I wish to observe my child’s training, I’ll do so from the side of the gym.

3. If I wish to talk to the coach, I will only do so after the training. If I wish to reserve time for feedback and longer discussions, I will do so through the sports coordinator. I will never question the authority and expertise of the coach within earshot of children.

4. I will inform my child’s coach if my child is unable to attend training (occasional individual absences need not be reported)

5. I will make sure my child gets enough nutrition and rest.

6. I will make sure that my child is aware of the gymnasts’ rules of the game.

Coaches rules of the game

1. I will try to set an example for the children and youth through my own behaviour.

2. I am systematic in my guidance and I will ensure that training is a lot of fun.

3. I will treat all children as equals and remember to encourage them.

4. I will inform all the children in the group and their guardians of any changes in training times in good time.

5. I will insist on good behaviour and adherence to the common rules of the game.

6. I will never question the authority of a guardian within earshot of children.

7. I will never question the authority of another counsellor within earshot of children or guardians.