Boys’ artistic gymnastics

Upright, powerful and supple – an artistic gymnast is all this and more. Artistic gymnastics is a fast-paced and impressive individual sport where the best qualities of the body are developed in a versatile way. In addition, the sport teaches goal-orientation and enhances character.

There are six apparatus for boys’ gymnastics: the permanto floor, horse, rings, jump, struts and high bars. In addition to these actual apparatus, other equipment such as wall bars and a vaulting pit are used for training.

The hour includes warming up, developing body features such as muscular fitness and stretchability, and practicing tricks. The training is varied and the needs of different levels of gymnastics are addressed in the training groups. Gymnastics is a great hobby for all ages and, in addition to boys’ and girls’ gymnastics, EsTT also offers artistic gymnastics for adults.

Boys’ artistic gymnastics pastime groups are aimed at 9-18 year olds. The groups train in Tuulimäki civil defence shelter on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays during the day. Training takes place 1 to 3 times a week. Below, you will find more detailed information about groups, training times, training locations and more.


There are three levels of recreational groups for boys. It is a good idea to start from the beginner groups, but an athletic boy may also start gymnastics from a higher level. They are also great activities for those who practice other sports, for example, as part of winter training for a footballer.

Level I

The groups become acquainted with six apparatus for men’s artistic gymnastics and learn their basic movements. In addition to the basic apparatus and aids, the training also includes a trampoline and vault track or air filled vault track. After the season, the participants will have often learnt to vault, control swings on high bars and turns.

Level II

Training will advance skills on all apparatus. The horse and its auxiliary stand ‘tatti’ will become familiar with mill training.

Level III

Refined skills and movement development will approach competitive levels. Spinning vaults and giants are within reach.


The best fit for boys is a t-shirt and shorts. Slippers can be used if you wish. Jewellery and watches should be left at home and long hair tied back.

Training fees

The season fees for pastime groups are on their own page.


All the club’s members are insured with OP Insurance Group Accident Insurance.


Recreational coordinator, boys’ artistic gymnastics:

Ari-Pekka Taivassalo
+358 50 434 8482
All contact information can be found here.