Recreational gymnastics

Why choose an EsTT gymnastics activity?

Competence and skills

The club is a member of the Gymnastics Federation’s Top Clubs for children and youth. Our competence in sports and other skills are of an international standard and we are constantly updating our training. All of our instructors have, at least, Gymnastics Federation gymnastic school training, whilst others may have advanced studies and their own gymnastics background.

Training facilities

We have the highest standard locations at our disposal, and we operate in five halls at four addresses.

Participant’s path

Beginning at pre-school age or even when older, a pastime can continue, depending on the participant’s skill level and passion, into adulthood or even seniority. Most of our members take part for their own pleasure. The moving into competitive groups/teams is completely voluntary. You can easily change the form and level according to one’s own interest.

What if I want to participate more?

Most members participate once a week. Extra hours can be selected from one’s own sport by moving to a more advanced group or by choosing another training session in the week. Of course, you can also choose another sport, for example, artistic gymnastics + trampoline is a popular combination.

Those who wish to pass even further can choose to join a performance group or competitive group, whilst those wishing to compete should discuss switching groups with the instructor in charge of the sport.