01.02.2022 15:41
Adult groups and PerheGym season 1.2. – 30.5.2022

Hyvä EsTT aikuisvoimistelija ja PerheGym osallistuja, Dear EsTT adult gymnast and family gymnastics member,public authorities have informed that adult sports activities can take place starting […]

23.01.2022 19:55
Covid bulletin 23.1.2022

H‍yvä EsTT voimistelija, Dear EsTT member, public officials have published new covid regulations on 22.1.2022. Adult training is not allowed till 7.2. EsTT season for […]

08.01.2022 10:52
Covid update 8.1.2022

EsTT spring season starts as follows: Children and youth born 2003 or later: Normal training starts on Monday 10.1. Adult groups (Artistic gymnastics, Trampoline, TeamGym […]

20.06.2019 17:56
English summary

Our system language is Finnish. In case You need help please call us (0102012300) or send email to address: syksy19 (a) espoontelinetaiturit.fi and we’ll answer […]