Men’s artistic gymnastics

Men’s artistic gymnastics requires the athlete to have the highest level of strength and body control. The goal is to make the most difficult and diverse series of movements with different apparatus. The competition series is judged on its difficulty and pure performance value. The sport is highly valued and has a strong tradition,  is an official sport of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG and it is competed all the way up to the Olympic level.

In men’s artistic gymnastics, competitions are held on six apparatus: permanto floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bars. The permanto floor series is made without music and includes vaults and acrobatic and gymnastic movements, such as handstands and dexterous movements. The pommel horse is used to perform a series of movements that combine scissor and pendulum type swing movements without stopping. In rings, the performance consists of oscillation, force and static movements. Vaults are performed with a push springboard and a jump apparatus. Judges will award points for the dynamics of the vaults, the height and length of the flight phase of the jumps, and the timeliness and accuracy of turns, body positions and vaults during the various stages of the jump. The series performed on the parallel bars includes swing and flight movements, as well as static movements performed in recline and pendant positions. The high bar series comprises a combination of swing movements such as giants, releases, twists and turns.

At EsTT, we find it important that all boys have the opportunity to compete in their own ways. In addition to the club’s own competitions, challenges can also be found in numerous national and international competitions. A clear objective of the competitive teams is to develop the gymnasts to compete and national level, and even international level. During its nearly 30-year history, EsTT has been successful in both national and international competitions. Representatives of the club have been at the top of Finland year after year, winning medals in the Nordic Championships and World Cup qualifiers. Effective coaching and conscientious work are the keys to our success.


Each competitor must have a valid license and comprehensive insurance cover when competing. Each gymnast is responsible for their own insurance cover during training, travel and competitions. The insurance can be obtained with a license from the Finnish Gymnastics Association. A gymnast who is not yet competing, but is practicing in a competitive group, can obtain insurance (11€) , with a license, or ensure that their insurance covers competitive training. Link to the Finnish Gymnastics Federation page. Payment for the license (and the insurance attached to it, if desired) will be made through the Sport Register.



Men’s artistic gymnastics Head Coach:
Dmytro ‘Dima’ Gorbachov