Parkour and Tricks


Jump into a new sport! Parkour is, at its simplest, a smooth and uninterrupted movement in the environment. The environment, be it a city or a gym, and its potential is captured by running, climbing, jumping or any other way of moving. Parkour strengthens the general condition of the body, muscle strength and bones. It also develops natural creativity, which is why Parkour is a great way to move in a creative and energetic manner.

In EsTT groups, we offer the opportunity to practice short movement tracks in the gymnasium, which you can also try out in the open air during your leisure time. Indoor parkour includes a short warm-up and stretching followed by basic movements. Strength training is performed towards the end.

Parkour / freerun PRO level requires at least a 3 years training background and versatility in advanced sports techniques.


Tricking is a way of expressing oneself. For some it is a sport, for another it is art, for another it is a way of life. In its simplest form, tricking includes acrobatic movements, artistic gymnastics, martial arts, and street dance, and combine these to create their own “sport”. As a sport, tricking is versatile, and physically and mentally demanding. No prerequisites are required for practicing it, but strength, coordination, and stretchability help a lot. Tricking still has deep roots in martial arts, so experience of such at the beginning will make it easier.


The best clothing for training is a t-shirt or a top and shorts or leotard. Slippers can be used in parkour if you wish. Jewellery and watches should be left at home and long hair tied back.



Pastime coordinator:

Ari-Pekka Taivassalo
+358 50 434 8482
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