Gymnastics School

Gymnastics school is a joyful exercise for both boys and girls. The goal is to develop the children’s movement coordination, balance, agility and basic strength through gymnastic means and to provide the child with an exercise experience. Training gives participants excellent skills for both a gymnastics career and other sports. It is natural for a group of 5-7 year olds to move on to the pre-competitive group if they are interested. A vast majority also continue their activities just for fun, without any participations in competitions. From these, participants can move from Gymnastics School groups to different gymnastics-specific groups, or to Freegym or Parkour, for example.

During the 45 minute to one hour training sessions, skills are practiced with various apparatus and trampolines by playful means. Classes begin with a brisk initial warm-up. Participants are then subdivided into smaller groups to use different apparatus and stunt tracks. Finally, a general warm-done is performed.

Classes are held for different age groups of 4 years onwards. What matters most is the desire to participate and the ability to work in a group without the presence of one’s guardian.


3-4 year olds Gymnastics School

5-7 year olds Gymnastics School

7-9 year olds Gymnastics School


EsTT is a gymnastics club and gymnastics schools are also held in well-equipped halls with exercise-optimized apparatus suitable for children. The permanto floor can be used to train different exercises or even a combination. Balance bars, high bars and rings will become familiar. A trampoline will be used to learn how to jump safely.


Wear a t-shirt and shorts or a leotard and bare toes. Also bring a water bottle.

Training fees

The season fees for pastime groups are on their own page.


All club members under the age of 19 are covered by Nordic Group Accident Insurance.


Family gymnastics coordinator

Ari-Pekka Taivassalo
+358 50 434 8482