Insurance and accidents

Accident insurance for members

All participants are insured. The insurance is valid for hobby activities both in the club gyms and in the events organized by the clubs. The insurance is not valid for competitions. The cooperation operations of the City of Espoo (KULPS, Muuvi, Jumppi, High School Co-operation, Ikämoto, etc.) follow the insurance terms and conditions of the city.

In the event of an accident, the aim is for the gymnast in question to receive first aid as quickly as possible, and there are always coaches and instructors trained in first aid at the gyms. Guardians will be contacted if a child requires medical attention, and even in mild cases, guardians * will be informed of an accident after the training. Further measures will be agreed upon with the guardians. The on-site supervisor will make a report to the club, which will also be available to the guardians.

*) The contact information of the guardians must be updated in the member register.

Guidance for guardians:

  1. Medical care can be sought from parties according to their own wishes
  2. A payment commitment from the insurance company is required for any costly examinations (e.g. MRI). These cannot be made without such a commitment.
  3. Pay the medical fee yourself
  4. Contact the club office (toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi) for an insurance claim and possible payment commitment.
  5. Report the length of any possible sick leave to the club office.

Competitive gymnastics

Each competitor must have a valid license and comprehensive insurance cover when competing.

The gymnast is responsible for their own insurance cover during training, travel and competitions.

An insurance can be obtained with a license from the Finnish Gymnastics Association. A gymnast who is not yet competing but is practicing in a competition group can obtain insurance (€ 11) under a competition license or ensure that their insurance covers competitive practices. Link to the pages of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation.

Payment for the license and, if desired, the insurance attached thereto should be made through Sporttirekisteri.