EsTT has been involved in gymnastics for boys and girls ever since its inception. At the turn of the 1980s, rhythmic gymnastics and, in the early 1990s, TeamGym came into play. The Ponnari group for children and youth with development problems began its activities in 1996, and by the turn of the millennium, trampoline gymnastics groups and adult gymnastics groups were formed. In 2004, baby aerobics and children’s ballet were added.

The chairpersons of Espoon Telinetaituri from 1978-2004 were Yrjö Wegelius, Lyly Teppo, Juhani Hämäläinen, Yrjö Venna, Kirsti Peuralinna, Ann-Britt Rajala, Pentti Lipponen, Ann-Britt Rajala (again), Risto Nylund, Jari Ahlqvist and Vuokko Rantanen. During 2009, EsTT was chaired by Eero Lampén. Other members of the Board of Directors are elected annually at the autumn meeting

The club’s longest-standing coaches have been Timo Tālio, Outi Leiste, Petri Leiste and Maarit Heikura. EsTT’s first gymnasts were Päivi Häkkinen (later Toivonen) and Eeva Huttunen on the girls ‘side and Ari and Timo Jääsalo on the boys’ side.