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Registrar controller and contact person

Espoon Telinetaiturit ry (EsTT) Business Id-0460107-3
Itätuulenkuja 9, 02100 Espoo
tel. +358 (0)45-1216536
Office email: toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi
Contact email: toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi 

Personnel Register

Our register handles the personal data of Espoon Telinetaiturit ry employees. The purpose and use of our register is to fulfill the rights and obligations of registered employees in their employment relationships.

The processing of personal data is based on:

1) Labour law (mandatory information).
2) Employment contract (contractual information)
3) For the vital interest of the employee (certain health information, such as allergy information, required for certain jobs).
4) Consent

Personal data processed:

The register handles the identity, contact information, health information, employment information of the employees of Espoon Telinetaiturit ry, as well as images, marketing information and hobby information based on any consent. In certain situations, financial information may also be held. This data includes:

  • Full name of the employee (Law)
  • Postal address (Law)
  • Phone number (Law)
  • Personal identification number / Tax number (Law)
  • Email address (Law)
  • Health information (law, if an employee claims financial rights and benefits under sickness, etc., allergy information to fulfill employment obligations)
  • Bank account number (Agreement)
  • Pastime data (Consent)
  • Images and their use (consent)
  • Marketing of the operations of EsTT and its members (Consent)
  • Training information (consent, excluding recruitment data on law / agreement completion)

Regular sources of data

Personal data is collected from the employee themselves or through statutory notices of the authorities.

Protection of personal data and security

Digitally processed personal data is protected and stored in EsTT’s systems, which are restricted to those who need such information to perform their job duties. These individuals have access to personal usernames and passwords.

These digital systems include:

  • Nepton Work management
  • Hoika member data
  • palkka.fi
  • EsTT Google Drive
  • Office365 / SharePoint and OneDrive managed by EsTT
  • Personal computers run by people in charge of human resources processes

Paper printouts shall be kept in locked archives, accessible only to those persons who need such information in order to carry out their duties.

Regular disclosure and transfers of personal data

As a rule, data is not disclosed to third parties, except for statutory notifications to authorities, insurance companies and occupational health services. Data may be disclosed to third parties in agreement-related processes. The personal data is kept in the company’s own register, but can also be transferred to an external partner’s HR management system.

Personal data may be transferred to other system administrators when the registry service provider is changed. A partner of the controller, who is responsible for the technical maintenance and processing of the personal data file, may transfer personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and this data protection statement.

In payroll management, data may also be transferred for use in external payroll and accounting offices

Retention period of personal data

Labour law sets different retention periods for employment data. Such retention times are statutory. 

The agreement data will be retained for the duration of the agreement and for 10 years from its expiry. (Basis of agreement liability).

Consent-based information will be retained until the consent has been withdrawn, but for a maximum of 3 years after termination of the employment.

Rights of the data subject:

The data subject has the right to object at any time to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes and to object to the use of an image. The data subject may also give Espoon Telinetaiturit ry consents and prohibitions to channel-specific direct marketing. In addition, the data subject is, in principle, entitled at any time, in accordance with the applicable data protection law, to:
– be informed of the processing of their personal data;
– have access to their own data and to verify the personal data processed by Espoon Telinetaiturit ry;
– require the rectification and completion of inaccurate or incorrect personal data;
– require the deletion of their personal data;
– withdraw their consent and object to the processing of their personal data, insofar as the processing of the personal data is based on the data subject’s consent;
– object to the processing of their personal data on the basis of their specific personal situation, in so far as the processing of personal data is justified by the legitimate interest of the ESTT;
– receive their personal data in machine-readable form and transfer such data to another data controller, the processing of such personal data by the Espoon Telinetaiturit, with the consent of the data subject, is carried out automatically;
– require the restriction of the processing of their personal data.

The data subject must submit a request for the exercise of the aforementioned right in accordance with the “Contact” section of this privacy policy. Espoon Telinetaiturit may ask the data subject to clarify their request in writing and to verify the identity of the data subject before processing the request. Espoon Telinetaiturit may refuse to execute the request on the grounds provided by the applicable law.

The right to complain to the supervisory authority

Every data subject shall have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority or to the supervisory authority of the European Union member state where the data subject is resident or their place of work, if they considers that their personal data has not been processed in accordance with applicable data protection practices

Required information

– Complete personal data (Law)
– Account number (employment contract)

Consequence of non-disclosure

An employment relationship cannot be created if the required information has not been disclosed.

Data is also received from authorities, insurance companies and occupational health services

Access to information is required by law.


Requests for the exercising of a data subject’s rights, questions about this privacy policy and any other communications should be made to the following email address: toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi. The registrant can also contact the following personally or in writing: EsTT ry, PL35, 02101 Espoo, Finland

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, for example, as the law changes. This announcement was last updated on (25 May 2018)