Covid-19 info

Info 9.1.2021

EsTT recreational or competitive training takes place using Zoom and outdoors for the time being. Information letter has been sent to all members.

Payment info for competitive gymnasts:

  • December 2020 cancelled competitive practise sessions will be replaced so that 40% of December hours will be organised indoors during Jan-June. In case that is not possible those training sessions will be refunded from monthly payments.
  • January 2021 first week of training will be fully refunded (not charged)

Payment info for recreations gymnasts:

  • December 2020 cancelled recreational practise sessions will be replaced during Jan-June 2021 fully. In case that is not possible cancelled training sessions will be refunded.
  • All spring season 2021 training sessions will be organised during Jan-July. In case that is not possible the ones that could not be organized will be refunded.

Info 21.8.2020

  • Let’s work together to provide a joyful season for all gymnasts 
  • Espoo health officials are responsible for all actions in case infection is registered amongst gymnasts. The club is obliged to provide member contact information to official in order to curb the disease. We appreciate if club is notified in case members or guardians are tested positive to Covid-19.
  • Instructors may shorten the class by 5 minutes during the first two weeks to lessen crowds. Normal operations begin starting from 7.9. 
  • Contact person: managing director Olli-Pekka Lintula toiminnanjohtaja@espoontelinetaiturit.fi


Enter premises as late as possible. 

  • Wash Your hands immediately upon entering the premises.
  • Use disinfection liquid during breaks.
  • Fill up Your water bottle at home
  • Do not come to practise in case You suspect infection, feel sick, suffer from Covid-19 symptoms or should be in quaranten


  • Escorting kids
    • Parents – please do not enter the facilities if Your child is capable of entering and leaving on his-/her own.
    • In case You need to come inside follow these instructions:
    • Wash Your hands with soap
    • Wear a mask according to THL instructions. Especially iin corridors, dressing rooms and other crowded places.
    • Small kids (6 yrs and younger) need naturally assistance. You may follow practises following our instructions. Especially during the first two week.
    • In case safe distance can not be maintained one is recommended to wear mask.
    • Please follow instructions given by the gym instructor.

Info 30.4.2020

Finnish government will announce new regulations on May the 3rd regarding relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions. Our club will follow those regulations as well as instructions given by  sports federations.
We will start practises as soon as possible. Possible limitations will be taken into consideration. Activities will continue during summer.
will begin on 8.5. for existing members and on 15.5. for new ones. Exact times will be announced later.
Existing members will get a discount as promised. It has been coded into system and no additional actions are needed to receive it.
will take place if allowed. new enrollments are possible. It is possible to cancel by 14.5. without consequences
Health and happiness through sports.

Info 2.4.2020

Dear EsTT members,
Our gyms are closed for the time being. We are working hard to maintain our ability to offer gymnastics classes also in the future. Remote/video training has begun as well as various means to react to the dire situation.Financial measuresIn order to keep our commitments amid calcelled events some cuts are inevitable. We are facing losses around 10’0000€ and they might mount upto 200’000€ by fall. Hence coaches have been mostly laid-off. Some of them work every day to offer videotraining and other support for daily training.
Olympic committee and Finnish Gymnastics Federation have outlined principles for collecting season fees. Some of those fees fall under force majeure and some do not.
Recreational gymnastics class participants receive 20% discount from spring 2020 fees. This discount is usable for enrollment in fall 2020 classes and groups.We continue to offer video- and other means of remote training. As soon as gym training is permitted we return and offer all we can during spring and summer.Competition group gymnasts payments are modified so that weekly hours is cut by 20% (i.e. if regular training hours would be 10 new season fee for spring is for 8 hours).This discount is given against fall 2020 season fees.We expect spring fees to be paid in full and fall payment is adjusted accordingly.
Please follow our social media channels and email to see latest training videos and sessions. Summer camps will be organized as planned. Desicion to arrange week 23-25 camps will be confirmed by 14.5. Cancellation without consequences is possible till 14.5. Fees that have been paid will be returned in case cancellation is done by 14.5. latest or EsTT is forced to cancel due to official order. Registration for fall season starts May 4 for current members. Season starts 17.8.2020. 
We are living challenging times. Let us stay healthy and get back to gym with even more vigor.
Gymnastics greetings,Antti Vuorikoski
Chairman Olli-Pekka Lintula Managing Director