Competitive group commitments

Competitive group commitments to the club's practices

Participants registered in the EsTT competitive groups commit to the following practices

Conditions for transitions:

  • Follow the rules of the club that are published on the club’s webpages
  • Reporting of absences from training sessions
    • Weekly rhythm of training
    • This is especially important for holidays and long weekends, as this will allow the club to organize practices more effectively
  • Representation
    • The gymnast wears the club’s representation clothing and ensures that it is clean and neat
    • Elegant dress and performances are used in competitions or other public occasions. Political or other social messages are not allowed when acting on behalf of the club.
  • Voluntary work
    • The club requires the guardians of gymnastics to participate in the organization of competitions and other club events to a reasonable extent
    • Teams and teams can, if they so wish, organize voluntary work in order to raise funds
    • All fundraising activities are subject to the guidelines and regulations of the tax authorities and other authorities

Commitment of competitive group members and the club to healthy sports

 EsTT values ​​and promotes health-promoting exercise. Changes in physical activity require attention from an early age. The family, the coach and the club cannot act alone.

  • It is important to have diverse exercise skills. The family commits itself to encouraging and promoting diverse physical activities, especially during childhood
    •  Gymnastics, in all its diversity, does not promote all the necessary skills; ball games, athletics, swimming, cycling, skating etc. are all for the benefit of a child’s development
  • The family contributes to obtaining the recommended amount of exercise
    • The child does not break when moving, but gains a durable body
  • Dining
    • The family ensures proper, well-timed and adequate nutrition
  • Sleep
    • Gymnastics training takes up a great deal of time, especially during the teenage years. Adjusting to mental strain and adequate sleep are important, these are the responsibility of the family.
  • Health situation
    • The club requires the gymnast to undergo an athlete’s health examination the year they turn 15. The results will be passed onto the responsible coach
  • Programmed training
    • The club and the responsible instructors are committed to the programmed group and individual trainings, taking into account the individual’s health and physical abilities.

Competitive group payment obligations

Members registered in an EsTT competitive group will be bound by the following fees and cancellation terms that apply specifically to the competitive groups.

  • Seasonal fee, charged separately for the autumn and spring periods
    • If the gymnast quits 48 hours before the end of the first club’s season plan registration deadline, 50% of the season fee will be charged. The cancellation shall be made in writing by sending an email to two persons:
      • toimisto@espoontelinetaiturit.fi
      • Own instructor
    • If the gymnast quits later in the season, 100% of the season fee will be charged
    • The training fee will be reimbursed for the duration of sick leave due to an injury or long-term illness, in which the gymnast will not attend training. If the gymnast partially participates in the training (for example, part of the training and rehabilitation is successful), the training fee will be charged in full. A medical certificate is required
  • The gymnast commits to participate in the club’s season scheduled competitions.
    • The entry fees to competitions will be charged in full from the gymnast, unless the participant or guardian notifies that the participant will not participate in writing at least 48h before the registration deadline.
    • The cancellation policy will be in accordance with the competition organizer’s terms and conditions
  • Camp fees are determined as follows
    • The gymnast commits to paying the fees that the club undertakes when making reservations (e.g. flights and hotels). These fees are subject to the terms and conditions of the service providers
    • Potential allocations (e.g. co-transportation) are collected in full, even if the gymnast chooses not to use it.
    • The default cost for overseas camps is a minimum of € 800 / gymnast, the amount of which each participant should be prepared for and the club reserves the right to charge € 800 + 15% of the actual cost.
  • The club has the right to charge an invoicing surcharge for all events that the club continues to invoice gymnasts (e.g. federation camps). There is one additional charge for each event, even if there may be more than one.