Espoon Telinetaiturit ry (EsTT) is a sports club specializing in gymnastics in Espoo. Since we were founded 40 years ago in 1978, we have been able to provide the joy of gymnastics while also growing into a big club. At present, approximately 2,700 children, young people and adults are involved in our activities.

The objective of EsTT is to promote gymnastics for children, young people and adults in their area, to nurture competitive gymnasts and to organize other activities related to gymnastics. The club offers recreational and competitive opportunities for women and men in artistic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, TeamGym and acrobatic gymnastics. We also offer recreational opportunities in non-competitive sports, such as parkour and Freegym. The club also has Ponnarit activities for children and young people with developmental difficulties.

Guided activities

The club focuses on guided gymnastics activities for serious gymnasts and participants who are also involved in other sports. The youngest members are offered Family Gymnastics and elementary gymnastics groups. Activities start at the age of 4-10. Depending on the form chosen, it is possible to enter competitive groups at the age of 5-8 years.

Most members of the club perform gymnastics for their own enjoyment. The activities utilize the operating models and products of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation. Many of the clubs have developed and trained their own, thus the development of the movements is clear and easy to communicate.

Targeted training

In competitive gymnastics, objectives are created in relation to the form itself. They can range from national participation to success at the Olympic level. The most important function of the objectives is to create an atmosphere that respects development and competence, as well as a corresponding training system. The training follows the Athlete’s Path models of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation

Diverse activities

The recreational groups’ annual calendar is complemented by season-ending events, for example, performance recognition events in girls’ artistic gymnastics. Attendance at such shows is an important part of the group training and brings its own focal points. Camps are offered to schoolchildren during school holidays, where participants will, of course, perform gymnastics, as well as other sports.

Many enthusiasts of other sports also visit our gyms to improve their basic sports skills.

Competence development

The main task of the club is to provide and develop gymnastic activities for children and young people in the Espoo area. It supports the training of gymnasts and the club attaches great importance that advanced enthusiasts and licensed athletes who end their competitive careers remain at the clubs to pass on the culture. All instructors and coaches are employed by the club and are provided with free training by the club. We have raised hundreds of young people in worklife skills.


We operate in special gymnasiums in Tapiola, such as Tuulimäki väestönsuoja (bomb shelter), Mankkaa gym and Vitikka gym. Tuulimäki is furnished and maintained by the City of Espoo, while Mankkaa and Vitikka are specialized gyms run by the club.

Suomenoja’s new Parkour, Acrobatics and Gymnastics Gym opened in the autumn of 2019.

We warmly welcome you to join us and enjoy gymnastics and the joy of movement!