How to enroll?

  • Choose Your group from Ryhmäkalenteri
  • Register first parent as ‘Ylikäyttäjä’
  • Register child as ‘Alikäyttäjä’
  • Enroll into chosen group

1-6 yrs old – Perhevoimistelu (Family Gymnastics)

  • Kids have fun and practice elementary skills together with their parents and siblings.

3-4 /5-7 / 7-9 yrs Voimistelukoulu (Gymnastics school)

  • Kids train in well equipped gymnastics halls and learn basic gymnastics skills as well as movement capabilities (strength, jumping, running, flexibility)


  • Competitive disciplines as recreational hobby (Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, TeamGym, Acrobatics) and recreational disciplines (Parkour, FreeGym, Trikking, Freerunning)
  • In case competitive groupr is desired parents are adviced to contact person responsible for that particular discipline.

Girl’s Artistic Gymnastics (Tyttöjen telinevoimistelu)

Levels are

  1. Gymnastics school / Voimistelukoulu (5-7yr / 7-9yr) for children with no or little experience in gymnastics
  2. Bronze-level for children with 1 year experience in Voimistelukoulu. Children of 10yrs and older can start from Bronze level
  3. Silver-level for children with 1 year or more on Bronze-level
  4. Gold-level for children with 1 year or more on Silver-level
  5. Emerald (‘Smaragdi’) for children with 1 year or more on Gold-level
  6. Platinum-level for experienced gymnasts. No new group in 2019.


Moving onto next level

  • Current members may enroll on higher level for Fall season 2019. It is also possible to remain on current level.
  • Excercise targets skills that are practised can be seen in the following web-site (password ntv2018)
  • It is recommended that target skills are mastered before moving onto next level.

Boys artistic gymnastics

  • These groups are suitable for boys interested to learn new skills as well as support exercise for other sports.

Levels are:

  1. Level 1
    1. Basic skills on all apparatus except pommel horse
  2. Level 2
    1. More advanced skills on all apparatus
    2. Typically level 2 is reached after 1-2 years on level 1
  3. Level 3
    1. Skills approaching competitive groups

Moving onto next level

Every spring tests are held to evaluate the most suitable level for next season.



Trampoline gymnastics (Trampoliinivoimistelu)

  1. Hobby groups, 1h/week

– we offer all age groups and all levels

– Level 1

– Beginner course to learn safe jumps

– Classes include general gymnastics training as well as trampoline

– Level 2

– Gymnasts can move to this level when they master somersault (‘voltti’)

– Level 3

– Gymnasts can move to this level when they master two somersaults in a row (‘voltti’)

– Level 4

– More advanced gymnasts


  1. Trampoline school (Tramppakoulu)

– for under 7 years kids

– recommended beginning age is 5 years


  1. Hobby-competition group, 1,5h/2times per week

– groups for all ages

– possibility to compete in a local competition

– no obligation to compete


  1. Competition-hobby group, 1,5h/3times a week

– group for all ages

– possibility to compete in local competitions

– no obligation to compete


  1. Pre-competition group

– Development program for our future competition groups

– Under 9 years old


  1. Competition group 2h/4times a week

– group for all ages

– local and International competitions


  1. Competition group 2h-2,5h/5 or more times a week

– group for all ages

– local and International competition

– WAGs, European, FIG competition, World cups

– for kids, for whom trampoline is 2nd life


  1. Adults 

– 17+



TeamGym alkeet (TeamGym basics)

  • For kids with little experience in gymnastics


TeamGym harraste (TeamGym recreational)

  • For kids with 1 year or more experience in gymnastics
  • Required skills
    • Cart wheel
    • Forward roll – backward roll
    • Handstand with support


TeamGym jatko (TeamGym advanced)

  • For kids with 1 year or more experience in TeamGym harraste
  • Required skills
    • Cart wheel – both feet
    • Handstand without support


TeamGym taito (TeamGym skilled level)

  • For kids with multiple years of experience in TeamGym
  • Required skills
    • Somersault


TeamGym kilpaharraste (TeamGym competition – hobby)

  • Training at least twice a week
  • Participation in local competitions


TeamGym training (TeamGym training)

  • Intended for youth of 16 years of age and older
  • Fun, physical development and new skills



Acrobatics is an excellent hobby for kids of all ages


Alkeet (Beginners)

Alkeisjatko (Developed)

Keskitaso (Mid-level)

Edistyneet (Advanced)





  • Splendid sport – hone Your skills inside and excel outdoors!


  • Alkeet (Beginner)
  • Jatko (Developed)
  • Pro


  • When You want all-around skills and physique but competitive thinking is not for You.


  • Alkeet (Beginner)
  • Jatko (Developed)
  • Pro