Summer camps 2020

EsTT organizes summer day-camps for kids 7-12 yrs of age. Camp weeks are 23-26 and  32.

There are outdoor activities and games every day so be prepared for sun and light rain. Training inside takes place every day by our experienced instructors. Camp themes include gymnastics (mostly artistic), parkour, trampoline and TeamGym.

Mankkaa camps are mostly trampoline and TeamGym, Parkour camps are organized in Tuulimäki (Tapiola) and in Suomenoja. Gymnastics camps are organized in Tuulimäki, Vitikka and Suomenoja.

Price includes lunch, afternoon snack and insurance.

In case child has allergies or something else to be considered, please send us that info using enrollment sheet.

Kids should have clothing for training inside and outdoors. No indoor shoes are needed. Please be prepared for light rain. Backpack, sun lotion, hat and water bottle are needed.

Children can enter starging form 8:30 and should arrive no later than 9:00. Pick-up at 16:30 latest. Price for full week camp (5 days) is 189€.

Enrollment via Hoika starting at 10.2. at 14.00. No membership is required. No previous gymnastics, parkour or other experience is needed.

Enrollment links for registered members: 
Tuulimäki (Tapiola)

Vitikka competition camps
Weeks 23-25
(EsTT competition team members)

Enrollment links for non-members: 
Tuulimäki (Tapiola)

WAU summer camps

WAU camps take place at Karamalmi school (Karamalmens skola). They are multisport camps for which we welcome all 1-5 grade kids. Including the ones who enter first grade in August.

No EsTT membership is required.

Weeks 23 and 24 day-camp
8.00-16.00. Price includes lunch and insurance. Bring your own snack. Price 135€/week or 30€/day.

Kids wishes will be taken into account when deciding the program. During the week we try out a variety of sports and games.

Week 25 (4 days) half-day camp 9:00 – 13:00. Bring Your own lunch.
Price includes insurance. Price 60€/week or 15€/day.

There are 30 spots / camp.

Enrollment links for persons with no registration in Hoika. Applies also to persons who have been enrolled for school clubs (morning/after-school).

Karamalmens camp week 23 
Karamalmens camp week 24 
Karamalmens camp week 25