Stages of enrollment

1. Registration (can be done at any time)

Registration is done on the Internet by using a registration form filled in with the guardian’s personal information. Once you have filled in and submitted the form, you will see your username and password on the screen, which will allow you to log in to the online enrollment service. The program will also send the same information to the email address you have provided.

2. Logging in 

Once you have received your password, you will be able to log in to the program. Your username is the email address that you provided during registration.

3. It is necessary to register a minor

Please note that only a person of the right age can be enrolled in groups, so children must be registered as subordinates in the program after the parent has registered. Parental information cannot be used to join children’s sports groups. (Except for vauhtiradat where parental enrolment is required).

Go to OWN INFORMATION to register all the information about your children who will participate in gymnastics groups as your subordinates.

Next to the parental information, the text ‘register a new user as your subordinate’ will appear. This will open a new form for your child’s information- fill it in and press save. NOTE. enter the guardian’s address and phone number as the email address. A parent can register multiple subordinates.

4. Enrollment in sports groups

Before enrolling, you can view the training times of the different departments from the adjacent menu on the different department pages. From there you can see which groups are available for different age groups. The pages briefly describe the contents of the sessions. The vacant spots for the groups are displayed in the Membership Register program when enrolments are open.

To enroll, log in to the electronic enrollment service (login) by entering your email address as the username and the password you received during the sign up process.

Proceed to ‘enrollment’. The sports group enrollment page has a drop-down menu from which you select the name of the child to be enrolled so that he or she can be enrolled into the desired groups.

The program will then guide you through how to enrol for the groups. You should follow the instructions carefully to successfully enrol.

5. Confirmation of an enrollment

Enrollment is only confirmed when the program has sent an invoice to your email. If you do not have or have not provided an email address, the program will display a confirmation on the screen when the invoice is approved.

Only participants who are enrolled in sports groups become members of the club. A registered parent does not automatically become a member of the club.

6. Notification of a backup spot

When enrolling is open, the program offers the option of passing onto a backup list if all the actual participant spots are already full. There are 3-5 backup spots available, depending on the group. We will notify you by email of any vacancy that comes up and also send an invoice to your email. The gymnast may attend the following training session after receiving the message.

Changes in membership information: 

You can use the My Account info to update your own contact information and those of the children under your subordination. The pages also show which group you’ve already joined and the invoices received.