Enrollment guideline

Spring season 2021 enrollment opens on 

  • Monday 30.11. at 12:00 for existing members
  • Monday 7.12. at 12:00 for new members

A gymnast who is enrolled for autumn season is automatically enrolled (and obligated) for the spring season.

For descriptions of recreational groups and group schedules, see the links.

Quick enrollment guidelines:

  1. The guardian registers as a user. The system will give a password and the username will be the guardian’s email address.
  2. The guardian logs in to the service and submits their child’s information as a subordinate. Remember to also give the guardian’s email and phone number for the child.
  3. When the enrollment opens, notify your child in the ENROLLMENT (ilmoittautuminen) section of the sports group. The drop-down menu lists all users under your guardianship.
  4. The spot in a group is confirmed when you have received confirmation letter and an invoice to your email. Check junk-mail in case you do not see confirmation and/or invoice.

Or enrollment in stages.

The group calendar shows the status of all groups without registering nor sign-in. The group calendar shows e.g. all groups, the enrollment status, remaining free spots, and backup lists.

Assistance in group selections and other questions is available by e-mail: info@espoontelinetaiturit.fi or call 01021023002

Discount for enrolling into multiple groups.

For the second, third and fourth hobby group for which a gymnast is enrolled , they will receive a discount as follows:

– The discount is 60 € / 45min group, 80 € / 60 min group and 100 € / 90 min group

  • Discount applies to full season groups (not courses nor half-season enrollment)

– View additional info and terms and conditions from the Season fees page

Covid-19 guarantee

In case of official closure is ordered and the club can not offer replacement training sessions during 24.8.20 – 30.6.21 we will refund missed training sessions

Additional information

For more information on the various sports, contact the sports coordinator.

The status of free spots can be found on the member register pages. Registration as a user does not require a membership or participation. The system has real-time spot information for all pastime groups.

Registration in the Espoon Telinetaiturit recreational groups is only possible through the member register. We do not accept phone or email enrollment. Links to the member register will appear at the top and bottom of the web page.

The enrollment of a new gymnast begins by registering the guardian as a member through this link. You can register at any time, but enrollment for groups is only possible during the times specifically mentioned on the Internet. Registration is carried out only once.

Once registered, you can proceed to enrollment by logging in to the member register here or via the link in the Sign Up menu.

Check out the EsTT Seasonal Bulletin (including price list, cancellations, absences, important dates during the season).

Member register summary