Afternoon clubs

EsTT organizes afternoon clubs for primary school students in the Mankkaa and Kilo areas.

The Mankkaa club meets on Mondays and Tuesdays during the academic year 2019-2020.

The Vitikka Club in Kilo is held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mankkaa focuses on trampoline gymnastics and other acrobatic tricks on a vaulting track and main floor. The hall is a special hall designed for trampoline gymnastics and TeamGym, along with international standard apparatus.

Vitikka has artistic gymnastics hall, with a wide range of equipment to stimulate the learning of skills and physical activities. You can perform safe jumping, swinging on a high bar or try your skills on a trampoline track.

Participants can learn more about different forms of gymnastics at both clubs. The instructors are club professionals.

Registration is per each term, cancellations / terminations with one month’s notice. You can come to the gym as soon as school ends at 12:30 pm and the children will either go home on their own or be picked up at 3pm. Bring your own snack, exercise shirt, shorts / sweatshirts, no shoes. Trampoline socks can be worn, or you can also use your own socks. The children are insured.

The Mankkaa Club meets in the Trampoline and TeamGym hall at Sinikalliontie 1 (K-Supermarket and Mankkaa building). The Kilo Club meets in the Vitikka Gymnastics hall at Vitikka 4B


Mankkaa Monday

Mankkaa Tuesday

Vitikka Wednesday

Vitikka Thursday