Heimir Jón Gunnarsson, uusi kilpapoikien valmentaja

Heimir Jón Gunnarsson, uusi kilpapoikien valmentaja


My name is Heimir Jón Gunnarsson and I’m from Iceland. I started to work in EsTT in mid-September 2009, less than three weeks ago. I am engaged, I have two grown-up children and two step children. My wife and one of my children will be joining me here in Finland at a later time. 

Since I graduated from Iceland University of Sports in 1984 I have been a gymnastics coach, mostly coaching men’s artistic gymnastics. Between 1995 and 1997 I worked in Iceland with Mati Kirmes, now the head coach of EsTT men’s gymnastics.

I am a licensed sports teacher for primary school and high school. I’ve been working in a primary school as well as coaching gymnastics in several clubs in Iceland (mostly Gerpla club), In addition to that I have taught gymnastics in The University of Sports in Iceland (1986 – 2000).

I have been a national coach in Iceland for many years and I’ve been The Chairman of Technical Committee and a member in Iceland Gymnastics Federation.

When it comes to my other achievements, I was the Icelandic Champion in senior artistic gymnastics in 1980 and 1981. I participated the Nordic Championchips of Gymnastics in Helsinki 1981.

I also trained athletics and competed in pole vaulting between 1985-1990. I was teaching in Nordplus Project in Jyväskylän yliopisto together with Erkki Tervo in 1994.

Since 1995 I am a certified internation judge of artistic gymnastics. I have judged in Nordic Championships, North European Championchips and European Championchips for numerous times.

I am looking forward to working here in Finland with EsTT.

Heimir Jón Gunnarsson